Mission, Vision, Values and Quality Policy


Provide the market with original solutions in hair Accessories, keeping strict quality standards and an excellent level of service.

Always keep in mind our social and environmental responsibilities.


CGT aims to be recognised as one of the best business partners in its field, constantly focused
on satisfying its Clients.


  • Professionalism and Rigour
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Dynamism and Teamwork
  • Consistency, Solidarity and Inclusion
  • Quality
    Careful selection of raw materials and trustworthy, quality products
  • Market oriented
    Meeting the requests and needs of the Clients
  • Integrity and transparency
    Behaving clearly and openly with everyone, Clients and
  • Suppliers, establishing an ethically correct position


  • Ensure Client Satisfaction and Loyalty.
  • Guarantee the provision of a specialised service, suitable for the specific needs of each client
  • Guarantee total compliance with the Clients’ requirements, as well as legal, statutory and regulatory requisites
  • Invest in the continuous improvement of the quality of the services we provide, of our products, and internal operations
  • Maintain a culture of excellence in quality with the permanent development of a Quality Management System
  • Be aware of and internalise effort, dedication and professionalism as fundamental means for the development of the Organisation
  • Promote the continuous training of employees
  • Seek to attain from suppliers and other partners guarantees for performance, controlling the technical quality of their products and services and delivery dates
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